About Us.

StarTech is the one stop shopping destination for your entire mobile and laptop device requirements. StarTech started out as a retailer for mobiles, computers and their respective accessories belonging to global brands. Currently, we have 3 outlets of StarTech operating successfully in Qatar.

The name “StarTech” is derived from the words “Star” and “Tech” which implies what we stand for- stars of the technology driven world. StarTech was launched in Qatar in the January of 2015. Our success is defined by our loyal bandwagon of customers who have experienced the quality and genuineness of our products and services that exceeds their expectations and is at par excellence with the industry standards. Each of our customers is special to us and their needs are even more special to us. We tend to them with the best of mobile and computer products and the respective peripherals that fits approximately into their needs and desire of owning technology that is smart, reliable and powerful.

We believe in fulfilling our promises to our customers which got us listed out as the 5th best retailer in the Qatar market as per the current Qatar market ratings. “Quality” is our word and we will leave no stones unturned when it comes to serving our people with the best products and services.

StarTech a dream comes true for a group of dynamic and vibrant entrepreneurs with a passion for spinning technicalities revolving around technology at its best. Thanks to our team of directors! Each of them possesses over 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship with a strong technical background! Their diversifying experience makes it possible for us to serve our clients with high-quality and standardized products and services.

Apart from being a leading retailer and supplier of mobile and computer devices, we also aim to provide hardware, software, networking and infrastructure services to the corporate companies located in Qatar.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

StarTech strives to provide a diversifying range of products for our consumers in Qatar to choose from based on the current market trends with no compromise over quality. We focus on redefining excellence and promising quality

Our Vision

StarTech is expanding and we visualize becoming the top-rated retailers in Qatar by the year 2020. We have plans to open about 10 outlets of StarTech across varying locations in Qatar.